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Is your business software up to date?

2017’s Most Vulnerable Platforms The most IT destructive year yet – that was last year when the likes of the Wannacry cyber attack gave an insight into the rapidly growing threat of next gen malware and a headache for IT Support companies like ourselves! One of the... read more

Passwords are back in the News!

A report in several national newspapers today has again highlighted the importance of businesses adopting strong passwords to secure their data on workstations. IT@93 have continued to advise our customers that a policy, whereby login details should contain a... read more

Is preparing for GDPR just like preparing for the Y2K bug?

I was with a client this week and the conversation inevitably turned to the upcoming GDPR deadline. Straight away my client said “It will just be like the Y2K bug – millions spent on it for no reason”. Now for those of you reading born since 1985 apologies if you... read more

First 12 Months as an IT Apprentice

First 12 Months as an IT Apprentice   Leaving Sixth Form is a scary time. What are you going to do with your life? University? Apprenticeship? When my time came I chose the latter. I was 18 years old; all my friends were preparing for university and I was working... read more

Don’t Be Fooled By Fake Ransomware on Your iPhone

The rapid growth in Ransomware has become a massive threat to people in the past 2 years. However, don’t be fooled by this latest “threat”. There have been reports of a pop-up screen on iPhone’s accusing users of accessing illegal pornography... read more

Do I Need to Backup?

Over 70% of companies that have an IT disaster never recover, Ever! Why should you backup? Your Business is too important to fail! Files can easily be lost or deleted. Whether it be from disgruntled ex-employees, an accident, hardware & software failure or even... read more

What is the Real Cost of Outdated Technology?

Still using old equipment? Think it’s too costly to upgrade? Don’t see the need to if it’s still working? Here’s a bit of information as to why you should keep your IT equipment up to date.   Cost of Outdated Technology Some businesses... read more

8 Quick Outlook Tips

Microsoft Outlook is the most widely used business email program in the world. Today’s working day is ruled by email and Outlook users find it very useful for handling all the emails, diary entries, contact details and task Lists. The following is a few tips which... read more

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